What is the Contemporary Education Framework?

Have you ever sat in a classroom and wondered: why am I learning this?  Or, when am I ever going to use this in the real world?  What is the connection between what we learn inside school and the lives we lead outside of it?  Shouldn’t what we learn at school transform how we live our lives?

By starting with our basic human needs and the real world activities that we develop to meet them, we can broaden students possibilities for action by amplifying their awareness of practices and engaging them in a theoretical inquiry in order to deliberate theory and practice to make more meaningful decisions in life.  In this way, school is a place that empowers students to innovatively design their own and our shared futures.    

Contemporary Education is all about connecting school learning to the lives we lead and that means changing how we do school consciously, deliberatively and intentionally.  Nowadays most schools are set up for teachers to transmit abstract knowledge in standardized fragments and students are expected to reproduce it on tests and be obedient.  This is what school has become in many places and it is what we take to be normal.  Yet, just as school became this way over time, it can become something different - in which learning is for life - to question how we live and why we live that way, to use knowledge to lead more meaningful lives. 

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